• Hydroflex Thermal Storage Tank - T300

    - 4 Feet Tall - 300 Gallons

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Hydroflex Flexible Thermal Storage Tank - 4 Feet Tall - 300 Gallons - T300.

Thermal Storage Tanks are used in Solar Heating Systems and Wood Boilers where you need to store the produced heat in water for later use. The T300 tank is 300 gallons for medium Solar Heating Systems of Wood Boiler System.  This tank has a soft shell so that it can be squeezed to fit through smaller openings and doors then opened up where it is to be installed.

Solar Water Heating Panels and Evacuated Tubes need to store heat produced during the day into water. Generally, we need about 40 gallons of storage for each 4 by 8 panel or 20 Evacuated Tube System. This storage will allow you to collect the heat from the panels or tubes during sunny periods and use the stored heat during night or cloudly days.

Wood Boiler Heating Systems run better when you store the heat into water for later use. A wood boiler with a tank will reduce short cycling and run more efficiently. Having the correct size Storage Tank will allow you to run you wood boiler once or twice a day and this will reduce the amount of carcinogenic in the air. 

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