• Myson Twin Entry Bypass Valve - HV-S

    - Straight - For Connecting T6 IVC Radiators - Can also be used with Contractor Series Radiators with additional adapters

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There are two very different connection options for the T6 radiators, and the instructions are separated in the booklet.

Bottom Center Connections: These connections must be used for the internal thermostatic valve to work. The inlet must be the left hand connection as you face the front of the radiator. For series connection (maximum 2 GPM), HV-S or HV-A bypass valves may be used.

Side Tappings: The T6 may be connected like a conventional panel radiator. This arrangement negates the effectiveness of the internal thermostatic valve. It will be necessary to cap the bottom center connections with brass caps. The TRV insert should be removed and replaced with one of the plugs furnished with the radiator.

Please Note: If using HV valves with Contractor Series Radiators, you must also order part number 102-82-53 – 1/2” to 3/4” Adapters.  You will then need either part number 101-68-44 for 1/2” copper compression, or 164-68-50 for 1/2” Pex Compression.

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