• Myson 1/2 inch Thermostatic Radiator Valve - 2TRV1/2INS

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The Myson 2TRV1/2INS TRV II Inverted Angle Body and Head Radiator Valve with thermostatic control provides a cost effective method of achieving better energy efficiency by allowing you to control temperatures in your house, room by room.

Choose the precise temperature you want in each room and the Myson 2TRV1/2INS TRV II automatically maintains it. It’s quick and easy to have the Myson TRV II installed: there’s no complicated plumbing and the cost is amazingly small compared to the savings you’ll see in your heating bills year after year.

Connects to the Myson radiator 1/2 inch British thread with a wrench and 1/2 Inch Copper Pipe with a compression fitting.

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Technical Specs

Myson 2TRV1/2INS 1/2 inch Thermostatic Radiator Valve Features

  • Myson 2TRV1/2INS Angled Valve
  • Manufactured in high quality ABS and are screw fixed to the valve spindle
  • Maximum operating pressure 145 psi
  • Maximum water temperature 248°F
  • Liquid Filled Sensor Element
  • Hysteresis < 68° F to 83 °F
  • Normal Setting: 68 °F
  • Frost Setting: 46 °F
  • Maximum Differential Pressure 8 psi
  • The TRV II incorporates a notched economy position (set at 68 °F), which gives a warning when the valve is turned to higher temperatures
  • Each TRV II has a sensor element which consists of a liquid-filled capsule with an immersed bellows and push rod
  • As the ambient temperature rises, the liquid in the sensor’s metal capsule expands and compresses the bellows, causing the integral push rod to close the valve
  • As the room’s ambient temperature drops, the liquid in the capsule contracts, allowing the bellows to retract the push rod to open the valve

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