• Myson Hydronic Radiator T6 IVC - T622-5-06

    - 19-11/16 by 23-5/8 inches - 4187 BTU - Double Convector and Double - Compression or Pex Adapters Purchased Separately

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The Myson T622-5-06 dual panel, double convector hydronic radiator offers the advantage of a standard 2 Inch central connection and the standard 4 corner connection options. The new T design allows installers the flexibility to connect to the most convenient location for installation, which will save time and money on the installation. Myson T622-5-06 radiators are equipped with an internal valve control and an optional TRV head which enables you to match the heat output to the room requirements.

The Myson T622-5-06 is a ready to install radiator and includes a wall mounting bracket set, a manual head (thermostatic head is optional) and insert, drain-off plug and air bleed vent. Compression or Pex adapters are available and can be Purchased Separately. Innovative design, high quality workmanship and high heat output makes this hydronic radiator an excellent solution for heating any space.

Myson Baseboard Radiator Heaters are manufactured using the latest laser technology to create a radiator heater of the highest quality construction. The Myson T6 IVC Series radiators have a steel panel construction and a tough multi layered epoxy polyester powered coating paint finish second to none. These hydronic heating units have a size and column configuration to suit just about any room or space, regardless of size. In fact, the Myson Radiator T622-5-06 Series Heaters are ideal for a variety of domestic or commercial uses.

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Technical Specs

Myson T6 IVC Series T622-5-06 Panel Radiator Techs and Specs

  • Type
    Double Panel Double Convector Radiator
  • Connections
    Center T connection, 4 corner connections and 2 Inch on center connections
  • Dimensions
    19 11/16 Inches Height by 23 5/8 Inches Width
  • Heating Capacity (Maximum )
    4187 Btu
  • Weight
    53.5 Pounds
  • Water Content
    .85 Gallons
  • Pressure Tested (Maximum)
    188.50 psi
  • Working pressures (Maximum)
    145 psi
  • Working temperature (Maximum )
  • Color
    Epoxy polyester powder coat in white
  • Construction
    Steel Panel
  • Energy Source
    Closed Loop Hot Water
  • Connections
    1/2 Inch British Thread (We recommend Myson Valves for all connections?
  • Mounting
  • Included
    Wall Offset with Solid Wall Brackets
  • Optional
    1/2 Inch Compression or Pex Adapters
  • Optional
    TRV IVC Head
  • Warranty
    10 Year warranty against any manufacturing defects

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