• Myson 8 Tube Radiator - 8H22060

    - 24 by 23 5/8 inches - 7007 Btu - Special Order - Non-Returnable - with Top Grille Cover and Finished Ends - Recommend the use of Myson Valves

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This Myson 8H22060 wall mounted Decor Radiator provides a stylish and efficient way to heat any space. The 8H22060 Baseboard Heater mounts on the wall and off the floor which allows quick and easy cleaning of the floor, where dirt build-up is normally an unsightly problem with conventional baseboard radiators.

The Myson 8H22060 Baseboard Radiators are manufactured using the latest laser technology to create a radiator range of the highest quality of construction, with a paint finish second to none. The H22 series tube radiators provides size and column configuration to suit just about any room or space, regardless of size. In fact, the Myson 8H22060 Decor Hydronic Heaters are ideal for a variety of both domestic and commercial uses.  The Decor Radiator requires a closed loop heating system and best piped with mono-flow tees.

The Myson H22 Decor Pedastal Radiators are special order and may take up to 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. Also, these radiators are non-returnable as they are made to order.

Myson Decor Radiators use 1/2 inch British Thread which is a little different than American 1/2 Inch thread. For this reason, we always recommend the use of Myson Valves to connect to 1/2 Inch copper piping.

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Technical Specs

Myson H22 Series Decor Radiator 8H22060 Specs

  • Type
    8 Tube Double Panel Double Fins
  • Dimensions
    24 Inches Height by 23 5/8 Inches Width
  • Heating Capacity (Maximum )
    7007 Btu
  • Pressure Tested (Maximum)
    87 psi
  • Working pressures (Maximum)
    66 psi
  • Color
    Epoxy polyester powder coat in white
  • Construction
    Steel Panel
  • Energy Source
    Hot Water
  • Working temperature (Maximum)
    215° F
  • Connections
    1/2 inch British Thread (We recommend Myson Valves for all connections)
  • Mounting
  • Wall Brackets (included)
    3.375 Inches
  • Warranty
    5 year warranty against any manufacturing defects

Myson H22 Series Decor Radiator 8H22060 Features

  • Mounts on the wall, off the floor, making the cleaning of floors and carpeting simple
  • Range of sizes: Decor Heaters offers a full line which provides from 1,561 Btu/hr to over 13,000 Btu/hr depending on the length and height of the radiator
  • Efficient: Delivers two to four times the heat output of a typical hydronic baseboard per running foot
  • Quick, responsive, quiet and uniform heating
  • Advanced welding techniques allow the convector plates to be welded directly to the water channel, providing quiet, gentle and responsive heating
  • Up to date fashionable high gloss finish
  • Tested to over 100 psi hydrostatic pressure
  • Backed by Myson’s 5 Year Warranty, including leaks, external corrosion, flaking or peeling of the epoxy/polyester enamel powder coat finish
  • Everything’s in one pack. No on site assembly
  • 2 Tubes with Fins
  • Provides 40% to 130% better heat performance than a conventional baseboard

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