• Empyre Pro Series Outdoor Wood Boiler - 400 V2 - 817730

    - 330,000 Btu/hr

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Empyre Pro Series Outdoor Wood Boiler - How it Works

The Empyre Pro Series Hydronic Outdoor Wood Boiler combines the simplicity and safety of a conventional furnace with the savings and technology of a high efficiency furnace to provide heat for your house, greenhouse, pool, shop, or other buildings.

Heat from the Pro Series dual burn chamber is transferred to the furnace’s built-in water reservoir through a series of flues. This heated water is then channelled to your home’s heating system through underground insulated pipes. The Pro Series full length back door makes plumbing simple.

In a house, the heated water connects directly to the radiant or forced air heating system through a heat exchanger. Similarly, the Pro Series heats all domestic hot water through a sidearm heat exchanger installed on the outdoor furnace's hot water tank.

Clean burning means the furnace does most of the work. Ash cleanup is virtually non existent with the Empyre Pro Series. The built-in cleaning portals makes brushing out fly ash from the gasification chamber and flues a quick and simple process. The superior heat of the gasification process eliminates buildup in the chimney and reduces moisture, preventing rust.


The Empyre Pro Series uses a process called wood gasification to produce highly efficient combustion in the furnace’s dual burn chambers.

1) Firebox wood burns from the bottom up, drying the top layer; the fire brick lining absorbs heat and maintains burn chamber temperatures to reignite quickly on demand

2) Exhaust is forced down into the lower burn chamber

3) Lower Burn Chamber exhaust burns at up to 2,000F *

4) Flues exhaust air escapes through multiple heat exchange flues running through the water jacket, transferring heat quickly and efficiently

5) Chimney exhaust has cooled to 350F* by the time it exits the chimney

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Technical Specs

Empyre Pro Series Outdoor Wood Boiler - 400 V2 - 817730 Techs and Specs

  • 90% Cleaner Burning
    over conventional wood furnaces
  • BTU Output
    to 330,000 Btu/hrwith the electric element option
  • Efficiency
    EPA Qualified 89% Efficiency
  • Water Capacity
    115 gallons
  • Max Log Length
    34 Inches
  • Max Log Diameter
    7 Inches
  • Flue Collar Diameter
    6 Inches
  • Size Width
    49 Inches
  • Size Lenght
    81 Inches
  • Size Height
    96 Inches
  • Weigth
    2500 pounds

Empyre Pro Series Outdoor Wood Boiler - 400 V2 - 817730 Features

  • Burns Wood
  • Gasification Technology
  • EPA White Tag Qualified - Phase 2
  • With Optional Pro-Stoker - burn other biomass fuels
  • Self-regulating combustion controls
  • Maintains constant water temperatures
  • Heat available on demand
  • Heat does not fluctuate
  • Refractory fire brick lining retains heat
  • Dual combustion downdraft system
  • Meets CSA/UL safety standards
  • Air Curtain prevents gases from escaping
  • Dual Lock system
  • Well insulated exterior
  • Smokeless loading

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