• Mestek Ray 200I Floor Mounted Condensing Boiler - Natural Gas / Propane Gas Boiler - BM-4200

    - 199,000 Btu

    Product ID • RAY200I00000

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The Ray 200i High Efficiency Cast Iron Gas Boilers. The Ray 200i High Efficiency Boiler has a Btu rating of 199,000 and and efficiency of 92.7% AFUE. If you want to know how smart residential hydronic decisions are made, you want to know more about Ray. The strengths of proven commercial boiler technology, matched up with today's demands for efficiency and comfortable heat cycling. Ray brings performance together in a whole new way.

Radiant heating systems are becoming more and more popular for the way they heat the whole room in a steady, comfortable way. In addition to being more comfortable, radiant systems can be more efficient too — as long as they have the right boiler. Read more about how Ray is right for radiant under the tab on the right.

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Technical Specs

Mestek Ray 200I Floor Mounted Condensing Boiler - BM-4200 Features

  • Floor Mounted
  • Propane Gas or Natural Gas
  • High Efficiency - Condensing Boiler with 92.7% AFUE
  • Down Fired Burner clears condensate to prevent corrision
  • Smart Cycle Control modulates firing for peak efficiency
  • Cast Iron Heat Exchanger - Cast Iron
  • Modulates from 40,000 Btu to 199,000 Btu and works with variable speeds pumps

Mestek Ray 200I Floor Mounted Condensing Boiler - BM-4200 Applications

  • PEX Radiant Floor Heat
  • Hydronic Baseboard Heat
  • Hydronic Fan Convectors Heat
  • Hydronic with Forced Air Coil
  • Indirect Storage Tank for Domestic Hot Water

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