• Koi Pond Heat Source - Takagi T-KJR2-IN Liquid Propane Shell and Tube Pond Heater


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Koi Pond Heat Source - Takagi T-KJR2-IN Propane Gas Shell and Tube Pond Heater.

Our Takagi Ready To Go Koi Pond Heater Package comes complete with everything that you will need for a simple and quick installation of your own Koi Pond Heating System!

The Takagi TKJr2-IN heat source modulates accordingly and comes with a high volume shell and tube heat exchanger, controls and pump. The pond heaters are designed for your project - the exact configuration is up to you. We do recommend that you assemble and mount your Koi Pond Heater on a 3/4 - inch plywood board, as pictured above. Then simply mount the plywood backer board. You are then ready for fuel, power, venting and connection to your pond feed.

Please contact us for sizing as we can offer different Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers than the one show here or a larger Takagi Gas Tankless Water Heater.

This configuation can be used for Pool Heating - although you may want to use an outdoor version of the Takagi T-KJr2-In - the Takagi T-KJr2-OS Gas Tankless Water Heater.

This Koi Pond Heater in a Box package includes:

One - Takagi T-KJr2-IN Power Vented Tankless Water Heater (Propane Gas or Propane Gas)
One - Cash Acme Pressure Relief Valve #14737-0150
One - Spirovent 1 inch Air Eliminator #SPIVJR-100
One - Taco 0011 Cast Iron Circulator / Pump
One - Webstone 1 inch Brass Shut Off Flange Set With Ball Valves #50404
One - Ball Valve 1 inch with Sweat Connection #54704
Three - 1 inch copper by 1/2 inch female Tee #TF3002
Three - 1/2 inch boiler drain #107143
Six - Super Strut Cushion Clamp
Six - Super Strut 1-5/16 inch by 1-5/16 inch by 4 inch length
One - Watts Hot Water Boiler Safety Relief Valve #374A
One - Flexcon Hydronic Heating Expansion Tank #HTXT15
One - Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger B-180
One - Cash Acme Combination Back Flow Preventer/Pressure Relief Valve 1/2 inch #BFAC-21899
(19) - Miscellaneous copper fittings 

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