• Hydrotherm HVX Series Single Stage Residential Gas Boiler - Liquid Propane - HVX-105 LP

    - With Power Vent and Spark Ignition - 105,000 BTU

    Product ID • HV75LP000000

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The Hydrotherm HVX-105 LP Propane Gas fired boiler offers efficient operation with a highly efficient power vented draft system. Unlike conventional gas fired boilers which must heat up the chimney to create a Propane draft, the Hydromtherm HVX-105 LP Gas Boiler utilizes an induced draft blower to vent flue gases safely up the chimney.

Because of the integral blower design, venting is also permitted directly through an outside wall, making it ideal for installations in which no chimney is available, such as converting electrically heated homes, apartments and condominiums. The HVX-105 LP Propane Gas Residential Boiler can also be commonly vented with a conventional gas water heaters into a traditional masonry or Type B chimney. Optional Noncombustible floor pan for use on combustible floors

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Technical Specs

Hydrotherm HVX-105 LP Residential Gas Boilers Tech and Specs

  • TypeFloor Mounted
  • TypeGas
    Propane Gas
  • AFUE Efficienty
  • Input Heating Capacity
    105,000 Btu
  • DOE Heating Capacity
    87,000 Btu
  • Venting
    Power Vent
  • Vent Size
    3 inches
  • Ignition
    Intermittant Electrionic Ignition
  • Max Heating Water Pressure
    50 PSI
  • Pipe Size Return
    1 1/4 inches
  • Pipe Size Supply
    1 1/2 inches
  • Includes
    Taco "007" Pump, Pressure Relief Valve, High Limit and Control Center
  • Cabinet Material
    1" Fiberglass
  • Height
    32 inches
  • Width
    15 7/8 inches
  • Depth
    27 inches

Hydrotherm HVX-105 LP Residential Gas Boilers Features

  • Floor Mounted
  • Completely packaged and wired gas hot water boiler
  • Cast iron sections
  • Deluxe insulated metal jacket with removable front panel
  • Burner base with high temperature insulation board and burner tubes
  • Integral flue collector and draft diverter
  • A.S.M.E. pressure relief valve
  • Taco "007" circulator
  • Temperature pressure gauge
  • Brass hose end drain valve
  • Constant pilot ignition system
  • Automatic vent damper
  • Safety spill switch
  • Flame rollout safety switch
  • High limit and control center
  • Pressure Switch
  • Inducer
  • HSI Pilot
  • Optional Noncombustible floor pan for use on combustible floors

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