• Firebird Condensing Oil Boiler - Additional Concentric Flue Kit Pipe - FB HLF005EXC

    - 10 inch Extension

    Product ID • FBHLF005EXC0

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Firebird Oil Fired Boiler Sidweall Concentric Balanced Flue Side Wall Vent System. These sidewall venting parts are for the Condensing Firebird oil boiler only.

Venting Pieces A through D are sold in the Firebird Condensing Oil Boiler - Concentric Flue Kit - 8 Foot Equivalent Length - FB HLF005HHL. Kit.

Extension Connection pipe also sold and you can have a maximun of 20 feet lenght with 90° elbow equivalent of 3 feet and 45° elbow equivalent of 1 1/2 feet.

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