• Embassy Ambassador Onex Condensing Wall Hung Combination Gas Boiler - OX160C

    - BTU 160000 - Gas Type - Natural Gas or Propane Gas - Efficiency - 93%

    Product ID • ONEX45WN0000

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The ONEX Condensing Boiler OX-160C is the latest addition to the Ambassador line of wall hung combination gas boilers. The ONEX Combination Boiler produces hot water for domestic use as well as heating. It uses premix burner technology for combustion that is installed in a radial oriented 316L stainless steel heat exchanger. The patented pre-mix air/gas modulation system, domestic hot water heat exchanger, and electronic controls makes the ONEX Condensing Combi Boiler at the top for performance. High safety ratings and low emissions make the Onex Combi Boiler environmentally friendly too.

The Embassy Onex Condensing Boiler OX-160C can achieve up to 98% efficiency depending on how you configure your heating system. Returning water temperature below 130 degrees creates the higher efficiencies (lower temperature ensures maximum condensation and thermal efficiency). Returning water temperature above 135 degrees will give efficiencies between 87% and 89% (this is true with all condensing boilers).



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Technical Specs

ONEX Condensing Boiler OX-160C Techs and Specs

  • Gas
    Natural Gas or Propane Gas
  • Nominal heat input
    160,000 Btu/hr
  • Minimum heat input
    30,000 Btu/hr
  • Efficiency
  • D.H.W. heat output
    142,400 Btu/hr
  • Instantaneous D.H.W. production
    (75°F rise) at 3.84 gal/min
  • Maximum heating temperature
  • Maximum heating pressure
    30 Psi
  • Maximum pressure of domestic water circuit
    125 Psi
  • Capacity of expansion tank
    2.64 gal
  • Nominal power supply voltage
    120/60 V/Hz
  • Electric power
    170 W
  • Flue gas pipes diameter (split) (polypropylene)
    3 inch
  • Flue gas pipes max. length (split) (polypropylene)
    130 feet
  • Flue gas pipes diameter (concentric) (polypropylene)
    2.36 inch / 3.94 inch
  • Flue gas pipes max. length (concentric) (polypropylene)
    33 feet
  • CO contents (0% oxygen with natural gas)
    15 p.p.m.
  • NOx contents (0% oxygen with natural gas)
    15 p.p.m.
  • Weight
    100 Pounds
  • Dimensions
    20 Inches L x 33 Inches H x 9.7 Inches D
  • Connections (supply - return - D.H.W. - D.C.W. - gas)
    3/4 Inches
  • * DOE Heating capacity is based on standard test specified by the United States

ONEX Condensing Boiler OX-160C Features

  • With On-Demand Hot Water - Combi
  • Patented ASME heat exchanger
  • 316L stainless steel tubes
  • Premix burner
  • 30,000 to 160,000 btuh
  • Environmentally-friendly - NOx 15 p.p.m.
  • Certified DOE efficiency of 93% and up to 98% Efficency
  • Continuous 5 to 1 modulation
  • Coil-type potable domestic hot water supply
  • Intergal system circulator
  • Expansion tank and air vent
  • Natural gas with LP (propane) conversion kit available
  • Sidewall vent kit included
  • Cannot be vented with PVC or CPVC

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