• Crown Royal Outdoor Wood Boiler - RS7400E

    - 300000 BTU - EPA Phase II Qualified

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Crown Royal Pristine Outdoor Wood Boiler - EPA Phase II Qualified - RS7400E.

Regular fire burns at temperatures of 395 Degrees F to 535 Degrees F releasing gases from the wood. These gasses are known as synthesis gas or syngas. Syngases are found to contain 50%-80% heat content from wood. Traditional furnaces allow these syngas to escape. Wood gasification captures these gasses producing highly efficient smoke free combustion and low emissions.

Firebox- Drum air tubes blow air into the firebox forcing the syngas down into the secondary burn chamber.

Secondary Burn Chamber - Ceramic fiber lined chamber collects heat from above fire and absorbs the syngas then burns them at temperatures as high as 2000 Degrees F. 

Heat Transfer Tubes - Exhaust air escapes through the heat transfer tubes running throughout the water jacket, heating the water to desired temperature.

Chimney - Exhaust air escapes out the chimney which has cooled to temperatures of 300ºF by the time it exits the chimney.

Greentech Manufacturing's Pristine Series has the highest required standards in mind.  Our EPA Phase II Stove is one of the cleanest burning units available.  Enjoy your stove with confidence, knowing it has a 20 Year Limited Warranty.
The RS7400E Has an approximate range of 300,000 BTU's and estimated heating capacity of 7,000-8,000 square feet.  The RS7400E is one of the largest EPA Phase II Stoves on the market today.

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Technical Specs

Crown Royal Outdoor Boiler RS7400E Techs and Specs

  • Burns
  • Est Weight (Pounds)
  • Width
    54 Inches
  • Length
    89 Inches
  • Height
    102 Inches
  • Wood Length
    34 Inches
  • Chimney Size
    6 Inches
  • Door Size
    22 Inches x 26 Inches
  • Supply Size
    2-1 1/4 Inches
  • Return Size
    2-1 1/4 Inches
  • Water Capacity Appox
    400 gallons
  • Fan Capacity
    250 cfm
  • Approx. BTU's
  • Insulation Walls
  • Insulation Roof
  • Type 409 Stainless Steel

Crown Royal Outdoor Boiler RS7400E Features

  • 409 Stainless Steel
  • EPA Phase II Approved
  • 89% Heat Transfer Efficiency
  • Long Burn Time
  • Refires Automatically
  • Gasification Technology
  • Smoke Free Combustion
  • 90% Cleaner Then Conventional Units
  • Up To 300,000 BTU Heat Output
  • Ceramic Secondary Combustion Area
  • Secondary Burn Chamber Burns up to 2000 Deg. F.
  • Seamless Flue
  • Water Level Indicator
  • High Quality EBM Fan
  • Extra Large Loading Firebox Door
  • Extra Large Clean Out Door For Easy Cleaning
  • USA Manufactured

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