Hydronic Zone Valves

  • Caleffi Zone Valves for Hydronic Heating = v150

    Caleffi Zone Valves

    The Caleffi Z-one, a two position spring return valve, is used in hydronic heating systems and air-conditioning

  • Taco Zone Valves - Taco 560 Series, 570 Series, Sentry Series = v69

    Taco Zone Valves

    Taco Hydronic Zone Valves are proven performers, are very, very dependable and run silent during operation

  • Honeywell Zone Valves 2 Way / 3 Way and Replacement Motors = v15

    Honeywell Zone Valves

    Honeywell Zone Valves fit standard hydronic heating applications along with Honeywell Zone Valve replacement motors

  • Taco Geothermal Zone Valves and Replacement Heads = v179

    Taco Geothermal Zone Valves

    Taco Geothermal Zone Valves were created especially to eliminate noisy water hammer associated with geothermal heating systems.

  • Taco Zone Valve Controller  = v45

    Taco Zone Valve Controllers

    Taco Zone Valve Controllers for Hydronic Heating and Radiant Heating Systems. Controls up to 6 Zone Valves which can provide zonal heating for 6 zones and 1 domestic hot water zone.