• Heat Timer Digi-Span TSC Two-Stage Set Point Control - 929155

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The Heat Timer TSC-Elite Provides accurate control for two set points. The TSC-Elite is ideal whenever two stages of control are needed to maintain your set point. This applies to dual control of boilers, water heaters, fans, refrigeration units, chillers, as well as other equipment used in heating, cooling, vacuum, or humidity. It can also be used to control any 2-stage device. Finally, the TSC-Elite can control a single-stage and one alarm point. In this type of application, if the system drifts above or below a critical set point, the control will activate an alarm.

Heat, Cool, or Change-Over (Heat/Cool) option. One TSC-Elite provides these options using field selectable menus. Each with a set of parameters that will customized the TSC-Elite for your specific application.

Each TSC comes with a built-in rotation option, which allows you to rotate equipment on a 24-hour basis. This option evens out wear and tear on individual components, helping to prolong equipment life.

A New Continuous Operating Mode is added for the control of two units that are not equal in size. A Large unit can bring the system to the second set point. Then, a smaller unit will take over and gets the system to the first set point. In this configuration a maximum of one stage will be active at any point in time.

The TSC is now equipped with External Activation that allows a remote device to enable or disable the TSC-Elite operation.

Two Set Points. Unlike other Two-Stage Controls, the TSC-Elite has two set points to ease setting and avoid calculation errors. Each set point can be set independently from the other.

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Technical Specs

Heat Timer Digi-Span TSC Two-Stage Set Point Control - 929155 Features

  • Two position valve actuators
  • Includes Sensor 90425
  • Can be powered using 120VAC or 24VAC
  • 1/2 inch LED displays of actual and set point values
  • Adjustable hi and lo set points
  • LED indication of output status
  • Field configurable for heating or cooling applications
  • Solid state sensors can be extended up to 500 Feet from the control
  • Accuracy of ±1°F or 1% of full scale
  • Fits on standard 4x4 electrical box
  • UL listed

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