• Heat-Timer Digi-Span MCF Elite Series Set Point Control Modulating Output Floating - 929190

    Product ID • MCF929314046

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Simple Affordable Modulating Set Point or Reset Controls for Temperature or Pressure. Well suited for radiant and process applications, the MCF-Elite changes the position of a valve, burner, or variable speed drive in response to changes in sensor readings.

Temperature, Pressure, Vacuum, or Humidity. The same MCF-Elite control can be connected to an array of temperature, pressure, vacuum, and humidity sensors. This makes stocking MCF-Elite easier than ever. Each MCF-Elite is field selectable for a broad range of parameters. Just select or stock the sensors you need with your control.

Standard and Customizable Reset Ratios. Utilizing the standard outdoor reset ratios or set point is built-in the MCF-Elite. In addition, the controls come with a customizable reset ratio for applications where a standard reset ratio would not suffice.

Enable/Disable. No Need to turn the control power off. The Enable/Disable terminals allow the use of external devices or switches to activate/deactivate the control operation.

Simplified Menus on an Easy-to-Read 2-Line Digital Display. Now, with two 16 alphanumeric line display and easy-to-ready menus makes setting and understanding control operation a snap.

Sensor Fault Output Status Selection. A feature that allows the user to select the output status when the sensor is disconnected or its reading is faulty.

Can be Powered by 120VAC or 24VAC. The Elite Series is normally powered by 120VAC. However, it has an alternative 24VAC power inputs. No transformers are required.

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Technical Specs

Heat-Timer Digi-Span MCF Elite Series Set Point Control - 929190 Features

  • 1/2 inch LED displays of actual and set point values
  • Adjustable set point and gain
  • PID type logic
  • Field configurable for heating or cooling
  • LED indication of output status
  • Solid state sensors can be extended up to 500 Feet from the control
  • Accuracy of ±1°F or 1% of full scale
  • Fits on standard 4x4 electrical box
  • UL listed

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