Hydronic BackFlow Preventers and AutoFill Valves

  • Caleffi Autofill Boiler Feed Valve - 553549A = v7892

    Caleffi Autofill Boiler Feed Valve

    Pre-adjustable automatic filling unit, anti-scale, visual system pressure setting indicator. Complete with manual shutoff valve, strainer and check valve.

  • Autofill Boiler Feed, Reducing Valves, BackFlow Preventers and Combo from Caleffi, Cash Acme and  Watts = v7891

    Caleffi Back Flow Preventers

    Caleffi Back Flow Preventers with Dual check continuous pressure backflow preventer with atmospheric vent. NPT Female union connections, threaded

  • Caleffi 1/2 inch SW Boiler Feed and AutoFill Combination - 573009A = v7895

    Caleffi Backflow Preventer Auto Fil

    Caleffi Backflow Preventer AutoFill Combination 573009A Pre-adjustable automatic filling unit with backflow preventer

  • Cash Acme Back Flow Preventer - 21574-0000 = v7897

    Cash Acme Backflow Preventers

    Prevents backflow of contaminated water into potable water supply lines. Ideal for boiler feed lines, dairy processing systems, livestock waterers, chlorinators, trap primers and similar installations.

  • Cash Acme Combination Back Flow Preventer/Pressure Reducing Valve - 23029-0014 = v7899

    Cash Acme Combo Fill & Backflow

    The Cash Acme BFAC accurately reduces system pressure down to 14 psi (factory setting) while preventing the back-siphonage of contaminated water into the potable water supply. The BFAC features threaded (NPT) inlet and outlet connections.

  • Watts Backflow Preventer - 9DS-1/2 = v4486

    Watts Boiler Water Feed Valves

    Use Watts Backflow Preventers to keep Boiler Water (with or without antifreeze) from entering domestic (Potable) water supply.

  • Watts Combination Backflow Preventer/Fill Valve - B911S (0386462) = v7900

    Watts Combo Fill & Backflow

    Used on boiler supply feed lines to provide make-up water to the boiler. Prevents backflow when supply pressure falls below system pressure.