• Azel Technologies Digital Thermostat - D-28F

    - Non-Programmable - For Radiant Floor Heating Systems with EEPROM - 10 ft floor Sensor Included

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Azel D-508F digital non-programmable heat only thermostat is designed to control either ambient(air) temperature (A Mode) or floor temperature (F Mode) or a combination of ambient temperature with floor temperature limits(AF Mode). Generally, in radiant heating applications you want to use a non-programmable thermostat as your do not want to turn up and down radiant heat systems as you would other hydronic heating systems.

An auxiliary remote sensor is provided to measure slab temperature in order to control the floor temperature(within maximum and minimum limits in AF Mode). It can also be used for sensing the outdoor temperature in A Mode.

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Technical Specs

Azel Technologies Digital Non-Programmable Thermostat - D28F Techs and Specs

  • Power Input
    Battery 1.5 VDC AA x 2 with Battery-Low indicator & protection
  • Selectable display
    Degree F or Degree C
  • Temperature control range
    Room: 40-95 Degree F
  • Floor Temperature Control Range
    40-113 Degree F
  • Temperature Display Range
    14-122 Degree F with accuracy ± 0.2°F. Note: No decimal indicator above 100 Degree F
  • Maximum Floor Temperature Limit.(F & AF Mode)
    68-113 Degree F Default: 85 Degree F
  • Minimum Floor Temperature Limit(F Mode only)
    40-68 Degree F Default: 59 Degree F. Note: In AF Mode, only Maximum Limit is available Contact Rating: 10A
  • Floor limits switching differential
    4 Degree F. Factory Preset (not user adjustable)
  • Freeze protection
    factory preset. In effect when thermostat is OFF by Power Button. A & AF Mode 40 Degree F. F Mode: 50 Degree F
  • Short Cycle Protection
    3 minutes delay start, available in cool-mode only
  • Dimension
    125W x 90Hx 35D mm
  • Switching Differential
    A/AF Mode: 0.4/0.8/1.2/1.6/2 Degree F, 0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8/1 Degree C Default: 0.8 Degree F. F Mode:
  • 1.2/2/4/6 Degree F Default
    2 Degree F
  • Material
    Non flammable plastic

Azel Technologies Digital Non-Programmable Thermostat - D28F Features

  • Battery operated
  • Large LCD display
  • Dual sensor control modes: Mode A: Room sensor for Heating/Cooling. Mode F: Floor sensor with maximum and minimum limits. Mode AF: Room sensor and Floor sensor combined to control the ambient temperature and maintains the floor temperature within the desired maximum limits.
  • Freeze protection
  • Contains NO Mercury, environmentally safe
  • Two wire type thermostat
  • Selectable display in F or C
  • EEPROM for setting backup
  • Supplied with 10foot floor sensor
  • Easy Comfort or Economy Setpoint Selection buttons

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