Regency Traditional Gas Fireplaces

  • Regency Panorama P33 Gas Fireplaces = v8351

    Regency Panorama P33 Fireplace

    Perfect for smaller living spaces, the P33 offers all of the stylish options of the Panorama family in a compact size. Enjoy a robust fire complete with glowing embers and an authentic fire grate

  • Regency Panorama P36 Gas Fireplace = v7726

    Regency Panorama P36 Fireplace

    The P36 Fireplace offers many different ways to create your own unique fireplace. See the complete list of options and let your imagination run wild. Together with a Regency mantel, you can create and design your own fireplace

  • Regency Panorama P121 & P131 Gas Fireplace = v7800

    Panorama P121 & P131 Fireplace

    Two Rooms...One Fire. Enjoy the largest Regency fire and log set in two rooms at once, sharing the heat and view.