• Regency Panorama Full Screen Doors - Black - 513-930

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Regency Panorama Full Screen Doors - Black - 513-930

Required Equipement!  You must choose either Louvers or Full Screen Doors.

Dimensions (including trim): 40 3/16"W x 32 5/8"H x 1 5/8"D

Functional full screen doors eliminate the need for louvers, enhance the fireplace appearance by covering the entire front to give the look of a real woodburning fireplace.

Full screen doors include 1 piece finishing trim

The P36 Fireplace offers many different ways to create your own unique fireplace. See the complete list of options and let your imagination run wild. Together with a Regency mantel, you can create and design your own fireplace. 

Direct vent technology allows flexible installations - you can have a Panorama fireplace almost anywhere in your home without the cost of an expensive, elaborate chimney. Simply vent your fireplace through an outside wall and finish it with the patented AstroCap Venting System. The AstroCap can be painted to blend in with your home's exterior wall to guarantee a professional finish.

Choose a slim or deep firebox for your P36. Enjoy the large viewing area and full flame of the deep fire. Or, for installations in tighter spaces, choose the warm glow of the slim fire. Either way, you can finish your fire by selecting on of many flush or bay front styles.

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