• Regency Classic C34 Black Door With Gold Accent - 490-944

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Regency Classic C34 Black Door With Gold Accent  - 490-944

Includes two brushed gold hinge caps and one large spring handle.

The Regency C34 Classic Gas Stove mirrors the authentic styling of a wood stove with all the convenience of gas. The full, robust Regency fire looks so real that your friends will think you've been chopping wood all day. If you have a chimney or existing wood stove flue, then choose the natural vented Classic C34 Gas Stove. When replacing a wood stove, in most cases, you can hook up your new Regency using the existing wood stove pipe system. 

With the direct vent option you can vent up and out to the outside of your home. Save on pipe and have room to hang a picture too! Certified as a heating appliance, Regency gas stoves provide consistent, controllable heat, even during power outages.

Choose a pedestal or cast leg style designed to create a look that matches your home. Complement the stove with 24k gold plated door and legs or finish it with a black case door and matching black legs. Whatever you choose, this gas stove will provide timeless charm for years.

Serving the northern towns of: St. Albans, Vermont, Newport, Vermont,Plattsburgh, New York, Burlington, Vermont, Middlebury, Vermont, Montpelier, Vermont, Waterbury, Vermont, St. Johnsbury, Vermont, Randolph, Vermont, Rochester, Vermont, Killington, Vermont and Rutland, Vermont. Please call for availability in your area.

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