• Myson iVector Fan Convector - Heating and Cooling - iV60X100-2

    - Heat Max 20,593 BTU - Cooling Max 7,861 BTU - 23-5/8 inch by 39 3/8 inch - Programmable Controls - 2 Pipes

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The Myson iVector iV60X100-2 Hydronic Fan Convector is latest product innovation and an exciting, energy efficient addition to our range of modern heating solutions. With up to 20,593 Btu for heating and up to 7,861 Btu for cooling.

The Myson iVECTOR is the first in a new generation of intelligent fan convectors. It has been designed specifically to combine all the traditional advantages of a fan convector with a range of new product features made possible by our latest energy efficient heating technology. Overall, the Myson iVECTOR provides an exciting package of significant benefits.

The Myson iVector iV60X100-2 is ideal for use with traditional boilers and renewable heat sources with excellent heat outputs, even when operating with lower water temperatures common with heat pumps and Condensing Boilers. Compact in size, due to the large surface area of its heat exchanger. Low water content, between 5-10% of the amount used in a traditional radiator with same output provides a rapid and efficient response to a building’s heating and cooling requirements. Suitable for both new build and renovation projects and operates almost silently at low speeds. The Myson iVector is easy to install, there is only a one-piece casing to attach.

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Technical Specs

Myson iVector iV60X100-2 Heater / Cooling Fan Convector Techs and Specs

  • Btu Heating
    5190 to 20593
  • Btu Cooling
    3450 to 7861
  • Fan Speed
    3 - Normal / Medium / Boost
  • Sound Levels
    27 / 35.8 / 47.9
  • Piping
    2 Pipes
  • Height
    23 3/5 Inches
  • Width
    39 3/8 Inches
  • Depth
    6 Inches
  • Motor Watts
  • Water Content
    .243 Gallons
  • Warranty
    10 year product warranty / 3 year warranty for the fan motor
  • Weight
    61 pounds

Myson iVector iV60X100-2 Heater / Cooling Fan Convector Features

  • Each iVECTOR is individually programmable
  • 24/7 programmer with 1 hour time periods
  • Lockable LCD backlit display
  • Automatic and manual options for control of fan speeds
  • Option to link to building management systems
  • Night set-back function
  • Programs saved in memory for 12 hours in event of power failure

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