• Optional Thermostat - For Plug-In Under Desk Heater - APT2

    - 50 to 100-degree settings

    Product ID • APT200000023

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Optional Qmark APT2 Thermostat is used with Qmark's Plug-In Under Desk Heater. The APT2 thermostat has 50 to 100-degree settings.

The Qmark Plug In Under Desk Heater is an ideal, economical, safe way to provide warmth for anyone who sits at a Desk, counter or table. This amazing electric heater costs just one or two cents per hour to operate, based on your local electricity rate.

This Portable Electric Heater is a slim, lightweight, white panel, designed to fit out of the way, mounting easily to the inside of the desk well or standing on its own feet.

The heater is controlled with its own on/off switch with indicator light or optional portable thermostat

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