• Qmark Electric Ceiling Mount Space Heater - MWUH7504

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The Qmark MWUH7504 is a ceiling mounted space heater available in 208/240 volts. Each unit comes equipped with mounting brackets to enable horizontal or vertical flow mounting. The MWUH utility heaters have a built-in single pole thermostat which adjusts from 45° to 135°F.

These utility heaters work well in heating large open spaces such as garages, warehouses, basements, service stations, stockrooms or additions.

The Qmark MWUH7504 has Steel fins are copper brazed to low watt density, steel-sheathed tubular heating elements. Fins and elements are arranged in a uniform grid pattern and fit closely into the air discharge area to assure that all incoming air passes through the heating element. Element is finished with aluminized paint for corrosion resistance. Uniform discharge of all heated air lowers internal operating temperatures and prolongs element life.

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Technical Specs

Qmark Electric Ceiling Heater MWUH7504 Specs

  • Voltage 240v
    3750 watts 15.6 amps
  • Voltage 240v
    5000 watts 20.8 amps
  • Voltage 240v
    6250 watts 26.0 amps
  • Voltage 240v
    7500 watts 31.3 amps
  • Voltage 208v
    2812 watts 13.5 amps
  • Voltage 208v
    3750 watts 18.0 amps
  • Voltage 208v
    4685 watts 22.5 amps
  • Voltage 208v
    5625 watts 27.1 amps
  • Fan Motor RPM
  • Air Flow
    270 cfm
  • Dimensions
    14 inches wide, 12-1/2 inches tall, 11-1/4 inches deep
  • Electrical
    Hard Wired
  • Built-in Single Pole Thermostat
    Adjusts from 45 to 135° F
  • Weight
    27 pounds

Qmark Electric Ceiling Heater MWUH7504 Features

  • Eight wattages and two voltages make the MWUH7504 field adjustable from 1875
  • watts at 208 volts to 5000 watts at 240 volts
  • Hard Wired
  • High-level cutout automatically shuts off current in event of overheating and reactivates the heater when temperature returns to normal
  • Automatic control delays fan action until heating element is warm. When thermostat is satisfied, fan continues to operate until heating element is cool. By preventing circulation of cold air and expelling excess heat, comfort level is raised and component life is extended

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