• Qmark Electric Baseboard Heaters - 2516W

    - 72 inch - 120 Volt - 1500 Watts

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Easily install Qmark Electric Baseboard Heater 2516W - 24 inch length 120 Volts without disassembly with mounting holes in rear of cabinet for fast, easy installation. Designed for quiet operation. No popping and pinging normally associated with baseboards. Lead wires allow quick field connection to either end of heater. Knockouts at each end for convenient wiring. Ground wire pigtails included in each junction box. Continuous capillary tube safety thermal cutout protection in case of air flow blockage.

Built-in cable clamp provided in each junction box to restrain incoming cables without using additional hardware, enables fast, easy wiring. Navajo White enamel finish retains attractive appearance and compatible with all interior decors. The Qmark Electric Baseboard Heater 2516W has exclusive heating element design combines the durability of a steel tubular heater with the excellent heat transfer characteristics of aluminum fins.

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Technical Specs

Marley Qmark Electical Baseboard 2516W Techs and Specs

  • Voltage
    120 volts
  • Watts
    1500 Watts
  • Btu
    5,100 Btu
  • Length
    6 feet
  • Wall Mounted
  • Hard Wired
  • Height
    6 3/4 inch
  • Depth
    2 7/8 inch
  • Color
    Navajo White enamel finish
  • Optional
    Single-Pole Thermostat
  • Optional
    Wall Mount Single-Pole Thermostat
  • UL Listed
    Canada and USA

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