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Protect your entire electrical system and save money in ways no other product can offer. Specialized equipment like electronics, personal computers, and appliances will have maximum surge and spike protection. POM PowerGuard® is rated to take 5 lightning hits in 1 second and still keep on working. You see you can't blow a magnetic choke (with a 5 year warranty it is a small price to pay to protect your investment)*. And POM PowerGuard® can also improve sound and picture quality for audio and video equipment, including the most sophisticated home entertainment units.

POM PowerGuard® Systems (technically called Shunt System) is breakthrough technology in the ongoing battle for energy efficiency. This System also takes the high ground in the uncharted territory of Power Conditioners and surge suppression devices achieving energy savings for all inductive equipment and appliances like refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, heat pumps, heating system circulators and blowers. (example: at .12 KW/h your estimated annual savings is $263) Your return on investment is approximately 3.5 years.

POM PowerGuard® Electrical Efficiency System consists of a system of parallel wrap-around magnetic chokes. These chokes work as a 60 HZ band pass filter, taking unwanted spikes and surges off line and returning the energy as clean 60HZ energy to the opposite phase. The net effect is to reduce kW /KWH demand (lower electrical bills) while protecting against multiple transient voltage spikes and surges (including lightning) dynamically improving the power factor. *Additional effects are increased voltage, balancing voltage phase to phase, and the reduction of total harmonic current ("dirty power").


Most homes require just a single POM PowerGuard® unit, which can be easily installed by a licensed electrician at the service entrance circuit breaker panel. Once installed, PowerGuard® provides years of energy savings on inductive equipment and protection for all equipment powered from the panel.

The damage to electronic and electrical equipment caused by a single surge or spike can easily exceed the cost of a PowerGuard® unit for your home. Specific savings depend upon the electrical equipment, hours of operation and utility rates, but a Powerguard unit typically pays for itself within two to three years of installation through energy cost savings alone.

* The average household has has spent $1200 in the last 12 months on electronics and has an estimated $4,800 in items like high definition TV's, DVD's and Stereo Systems not including appliances, boilers, air conditioning etc.

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Technical Specs

POM Energy Concepts PowerGuard RES-1 Benefits

  • Improves power factor
  • Reduces total current content including harmonics
  • Reduces line transmitted noise
  • Helps balance phase to phase voltage
  • Absorbs internal distortions and recycles as useful energy
  • Suppresses spikes, surges & sags
  • Lightning protection
  • Reduces Magnetic Fields
  • Extended equipment/appliance life
  • Reduces current on neutral
  • Reduces kilowatt demand
  • Reduces kilowatt hour usage
  • Reduces electric bills

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