• Cozy Toes Ice Away Snow Melt Mat - ICE-SNOW

    - 2 foot by 3 foot - 40 watts per sq foot - 15 Amps

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Snow Melting System The convenient, efficient and reliable solution to prevent snow and ice accumulation (and the resulting liability). No more shoveling, snow blowing, harsh chemicals, or embedded melting systems.

Less expensive than embedded systems, and portable to go where embedded elements cannot. Costs pennies a day to operate.

Constructed of electrically operated heating element sandwiched between two protective surfaces of non-slip rubber, making it as durable as automobile tires and able to endure harsh wear.

Flexible & Efficient Plugs into any standard 110V outlet. Melts up to two inches of accumulated snow in less than one hour. Comes with a 15 foot power cord that plugs into standard outlets using its own Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupter (ELCI).

Designed to be left outside for the entire winter season. Each heated mat is built and tested according to the IEEE 515.1 electrical standard.

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Technical Specs

Cozy Ice-Away Electric Heated Mat ICE-SNOW Specs

  • Dimensions
    2 feet by 3feet
  • Surface thickness (chevron height)
    0.125 inch
  • Minimum bend radius
    3 inches
  • Material
    reinforced UV stabilized butyl rubber
  • Power Usage
    40 watts per square foot
  • Power density
    120 vAC
  • Included
    In-Line safety device/power cord
  • Circuit breaker rating
    15 Amp
  • ELCI trip
    level27 mA
  • Cold lead length
    15 feet
  • Cold lead gauge
  • Listed
    ETL and CETL Listed
  • Certified
    CSA Certified

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