• Cozy Legs Personal Space Heater - CL

    - 22 inch by 16 inch by 1 inch - 150 Watts

    Product ID • COZYLEGSCL00

  • This Product is no longer available through It has either been discontinued, made obsolete, or is no longer available for sale. Please select another product.


Radiant leg warmer Cozy Legs is a personal, portable space heater that can be used practically anywhere. This energy efficient safe flat panel heater provides relief for cold legs and feet at a low cost of electricity.

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Technical Specs

Cozy Legs Space Heater 150 Watts CL Specs

  • Weight
    8 lbs
  • Width
    22 inches
  • Height
    16 inches
  • Depth
    1 inch
  • Watts
    150 watts
  • Amps
    0.9 amps
  • Safety
    ETL Listed and CLS Certified

Cozy Legs Electric Heaters 150 Watts - CL Features

  • Safer than traditional space heaters
  • Not too hot to touch
  • No carbon monoxide poisoning risk
  • No fire risk
  • Won't overheat - Built-in thermostat
  • Provides heat relief to cold legs and feet
  • Improves comfort and work performance
  • Uses less energy than a light bulb
  • Allows for lower room temperatures

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