• Cozy Electric Foot Warmer Mat - FWB

    - 36 by 16 by 1/4 inches - 120 Volts

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Keep your feet warm with the Cozy Foot Warmer, the latest concept in personal heating. This electrical heated floor mat will radiate heat through your entire body, keeping you warm and comfortable on even the coldest of days. The Cozy Foot Warmer does not waste electrical energy blowing heat all around the place; these electric floor heaters contain the heat in the area you need it most, your feet. This foot warmer makes highly efficient use of the electricity by heating itself to 130 degrees. Should only be used on surfaces that can withstand 130° temperatures. This warmth is then transferred directly to your feet and then travels upwards through your entire body. Use it as a Portable Heater for when and where you want warmth.

An ideal, economical, safe way to provide warmth for anyone who sits at a desk, counter or table.

The Cozy Foot Warmer is a safe, insulated foot-warming mat, which combats cold feet and legs at desks, workstations, and tables. The gentle radiant heat reaches 130° in about five minutes and draws no more power than a light bulb. The Cozy Foot Warmer is made of durable rubber, which completely incases the heating element so nothing is exposed. The Cozy Foot Warmer is also waterproof and dries out wet boots, shoes and socks, too.

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Technical Specs

Cozy Electric Foot Warmer Floor Heater FW / FWB Feaures

    less energy than a single light bulb
  • Model FW 90 watts .75 amps - 20 1/2 by 13 3/4 by 1/4 inches
  • Model FWB 120 watts 1.00 amps - 36 by 16 by 1/4 inches
  • 120 Volts
  • Heavy rubber, fully sealed and waterproof
  • Safer than space heaters
  • Neutral Finish: Works anywhere you do
  • One (1) Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

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