• Quiet Cool Quiet Giant Whole House Fan - QC4500

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The Energy Saver 1250 super energy efficient Quiet Cool whole house fan moves 1265 cubic feet of air per minute while drawing only 36 watts of power. A California Energy Commission winner, this whole house ventilator draws cool air in and pushes hot air out to cool a room in minutes.

Ideal for bedrooms where zoned control is a must, the ES 1250 offers whisper quiet operation, guaranteed.

This fan can quickly and easily be installed almost anywhere in a ceiling or vertical wall. It comes with a built-in louvered back draft damper to prevent energy loss when the unit is not in use.

Available options include, a set it and forget it 8-hour on/off timer, as well as a Z-Wave remote kit for wireless operation.


State-of-the-art, high efficiency AC/DC brushless motor means lower power consumption
Rated most energy efficient fan by the California Energy Commission
Draws fresh cool air in and pushes stale hot air out to naturally to improve the air quality in your home
Reduces AC usage to cut your utility bills by 50-90%
Nearly silent operation; suspension installation and acoustic insulated flexible ducting keeps vibration and noise to a minimum
Compact and easy to install
Manufactured in the US

Please Note: Only sold in the lower 48 states.

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Technical Specs

Quiet Cool Classic Whole House Fan - QC ES-1250 Specs

  • Motor Voltage
    120 VAC, 60Hz
  • Power Consumption
    36 Watts
  • Air Flow at 0.1 inch SP
    0,265 CFM
  • CFM/Watt
  • Duct Diameter
    16 inches
  • Duct Length
    6 feet
  • Motor Head Diameter
    16 1/2 inches
  • Motor Head Length
    19 inches
  • Sound Level in Room
    42 db
  • R Value at Closed Damper
    R 4.2
  • Ceiling Rough Opening
    14 1/4 inches x 18 1/4 inches
  • Intake Grill Outside Dimension
    16 inches x 20 inches
  • Intake Grill Color

Quiet Cool Classic Whole House Fan - QC ES-1250 Features

  • Whisper quiet at 42 decibels
  • Recommended one unit per room
  • UL Listed components
  • Horizontal or vertical mount decorative grill included
  • Easy, plug-in installation, no carpentry required
  • Available optional electronic timer
  • Available optional double stack switch for multiple fan operation from one location
  • Available optional Z-Wave remote control
  • 10 year warranty
  • All parts manufactured in the US

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