• Quiet Cool Quiet Giant Whole House Fan - QC4500

    - 4,534 CFM - 2 Speed - 2 Ducts

    Product ID • QC4500BC0000

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The Quiet Cool Whole House Fan QC4500 D System is designed to cool and ventilate your entire home by pulling warm, stale air up and out of the home while drawing fresh cool air in.

The QC 4500 D whole house fan moves 4,534 CFM of air flow while using only 252 to 504 watts of power. This QuietCool QC 4500 D fan is easy to install and has insulated, self-closing damper doors that prevent air from moving between the living space and the attic when the fan is not in operation. Insulated air-conditioning-grade ducting is used in the QuietCool system to reduce irritating fan noise. Remote control kit is optional as well as other controls. A Magnetic Ceiling Grille Winter Cover is avialable for colder climates where you want to cover the grille to keep out the cold during winter.

Used alone or in combination with the other quiet cool fans, these amazing fans will give you unprecedented flexibility in designing the perfect whole house cooling solution to meet your specific needs.

The Quiet Giant is mounted in the attic and connects to an attractive ceiling grill with 2 patented acoustical insulated ducts. This unique design helps to eliminates all vibration, rattle, and noise, common to all other whole house fans.

The Quiet Giant consist of basically two of our QC-2250 units, but with larger, higher speed motors. The two fans each come with 6 foot long ducting that connected to one ceiling box and one ceiling grill for simple installation. The ceiling box is 14 1/4 Inches by x 36 1/4 Inches

If this QuietCool fan is going to be used in a vertical mount wall, then a  Vertical Adapter must be used to insure that the dampers can fully close.

This powerful 2 speed fan is designed for a large room or hallway. This fan requires hardwiring to a switch for 2 speed operation. Using a remote will only provide 1 speed operation.

Each motor has insulated, positive closing damper doors that prevent the intrusion of attic air back into the house when they are not in operation.

The Quiet Giant is ideal for customers who want a single fan installed in a central hallway or it can be used in a multi-fan configuration, by installing the Quiet Giant in the central hallway and installing our smaller cfm QC fans in the bedrooms for maximum air flow and flexibility.

Please Note: Only sold in the lower 48 states.

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Technical Specs

Quiet Cool Classic Whole House Fan - QC4500-D Techs and Specs

  • Square Feet
    up To 2,500
  • Power Low (watts)
  • Power High (watts)
  • Grille Color
  • Amps
  • Air Flow Low (CFM) @ 1 Inch SP
  • Air Flow High (CFM) @ 1 Inch SP
  • Motor Speed
    1,560 RPM
  • Duct Size
    16 Inches
  • Duct Length
    6 Feet
  • Motor Head Diameter
    14 1/2 Inches
  • Ceiling Rough Opening
    14 1/4 inches by 36 1/4 Inches
  • Grill Outside
    16 inches by 38 Inches
  • Sound Level
    53 dBA
  • R Value Closed Damper
    R 5
  • Dampers
    Air Tight Insulated Dampers
  • Minimun Air Venting
    5.9 Square Feet
  • Warranty
    10 Years
  • Weight
    75 pounds

Quiet Cool Classic Whole House Fan QC4500 D Remote Control Options

  • Wireless Transmitter/Remote For up to 6 Fans - IT-34000
  • Quiet Cool Wireless Receiver Module - IT-34010. You will need 1 of these for each fan

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