• Fantech Heat Recovery Ventilator with Recirculation Defrost - SHR 2005R

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Fantech Heat Recovery Ventilator SHR-2005R is a complete whole house ventilation system that incorporates a supply motor and an exhaust motor in one unit. Fantech SHR-2005R is designed to bring a continuous supply of fresh air into the home while exhausting an equal amount of contaminated air. HRVs use what is known as a "sensible" heat recovery core. The special aluminum core transfers heat from the exhaust air stream to the incoming air stream. Fresh incoming air is tempered by the heat that is transferred from the outgoing air so you save on energy costs. With the Three speed fan and includes Recirculation Defrost.

During the defrost sequence, a motorized damper temporarily blocks the incoming fresh air stream so that the warm air from the house can circulate through the Fantech SHR-2005R. The exhaust blower shuts down and the supply blower switches into high speed to maximize the effectiveness of the defrost strategy. During this cycle, household odors from the kitchen or bathroom are prevented from entering the home and the unit will not create negative pressure.

The Fantech Heat Recovery Ventilator SHR 2005R is designed for houses up to 3,600 Square feet. HRVs are designed for colder areas of the country that have longer heating seasons as well as drier desert areas of the South.

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Technical Specs

Fantech Heat Recovery Ventilator with Recirculation Defrost - SHR 2005R Features

  • Three speed Fan
  • Includes Recirculation Defrost
  • 6 inch Side Ports
  • 60-200 CFM (28-94 L/s) @ 0.4 w.g.
  • Effectiveness (ASE) at 32° F - 73%
  • Powder coated 24-gauge galvanized steel cabinets
  • Fully insulated with 1" aluminum foil-face high density foam
  • German manufactured motors with backward incline impellers
  • Includes easy-mount wall bracket
  • Aluminum cores
  • 7 year limited motor warranty
  • Lifetime limited warranty on Aluminum cores
  • 5 year limited warranty on component parts
  • 35 lbs
  • Size: 27 7/8 inch L by 17 3/8 inch W by x 20 1/2 inch H

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