• Fantech Energy Recovery Ventilator - SE704N

    - 4 Inch Round Ports - 61 CFM - up to 1400 Square Feet

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Fantech Energy Recovery Ventilator SER 704N is designed for houses up to 1,400 Square feet

Fantech SE 704N Energy Recovery Ventilator is a complete whole house ventilation systems that incorporate a supply motor and an exhaust motor in one unit. The supply motor draws fresh air in from the outside and the exhaust motor pushes stale contaminated air out. The two air streams are separated by a core. The enthalpic core of the ERV transfers heat and moisture from the incoming air to the outgoing air. The air brought into the living area is cooled and the humidity is reduced for maximum comfort. The load on your air conditioner is less and you save on cooling costs.

Fantech Energy Recovery Ventilators are designed for warmer, humid climates with longer cooling seasons.

The Fantech Energy Recovery Ventilator SER 704N is designed for houses up to 1,400 Square feet. HRVs are designed for warmer wetter areas of the country that have longer cooling seasons.

Note: When installing ERVs (in ERV areas according to the map), and the outdoor temperature falls below 23°F (-5°C) for more than 2 consecutive days, it is recommended that a defrost option be installed on the equipment.

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Technical Specs

Fantech Energy Recovery Ventilator SER 704N Techs and Specs

  • Speed
  • Ports
    4 Inch Round
  • Port Location
  • House Size
    up to 1,400 Square Feet
  • CFM at 0.4 Inches w.g
  • Control Options
    Low Voltage
  • Volts
  • Amps
  • Size
    18 7/16 Inch L by 10 1/8 Inch W by x 17 1/4 Inch H
  • Weight
    25 Pounds

Fantech Energy Recovery Ventilator SER 704N Features

  • Dehumidifies and Cools Incoming Air
  • Built in Defrost Mechanism
  • Powder coated 24-gauge galvanized steel cabinets
  • Fully insulated with 1 Inch aluminum foil-face high density foam
  • German manufactured motors with backward incline impellers
  • Includes easy-mount wall bracket
  • Aluminum cores
  • 7 year limited motor warranty
  • Lifetime limited warranty on Aluminum cores
  • 5 year limited warranty on component parts

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